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The price for the stay is 600 € per month and an original work of art donated to the house. Furthermore, there is a deposit of 100€.



  • A private room

  • Access to kitchen, dining area, living room, toilet/bathroom and garden

  • Electricity, water and heating

  • An electric bicycle and several regular bicycles will be available

  • 24-hour access to a workshop space



  • You pay for the ceramic firings separately

  • Work materials. There will be basic materials in the ceramic studios, such as gray clay for pottery and sculpture and some glaze. For the textile studios, please contact us. As the workshops are completely new, the residents will contribute in building up the stock. If you have any specific wishes, you are welcome to contact us.

Other kinds of clay, yarn, colours and further materials can be bought by appointment with the local ceramic/textile artist and can be ordered before the stay, so it is ready for use when you arrive.

You are always welcome to write and inquire about, which materials we have and to request new materials.