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Alikka Garder Petersen

When light shines through the walls of porcelain a warm glow is created. You can sense the whole body of the clay: It’s like the porcelain comes alive again, revealing the hand of the potter. Alikka can control the porcelain body but also dares to drive it in to the edge where it is shapes itself. She reveals and celebrates the marks and joints made doing the hand building process. Repetition and variation, contrasts and
material clashes are ongoing themes in her work. Working on a larger scale means that the chandelier affects more space in the room, casting light and shadows. It is
more than just an object because of the ability to create a special mood.

Alikka graduated from The Danish Design School in 2003. Since then she has been designing and making porcelain tableware, light objects and unique pieces. Her direct experience with materials is what shapes her work.

She has been working as a teacher and consultant at different schools, such as Design School Kolding and the art school nearby 8B; Kunsthøjskolen Holbæk. Founder of Den Danske Keramik Fabrik (The Danish Ceramics Factory).
She has received grants from an example the Danish art foundation and The National Bank jubilee foundation and exhibits solo and at group exhibitions, amongst others: The Danish biennale, Gallery Ann Linnemann, Officinet and Hovdala castle.

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