The Artist-in-residence programme at The Art Collective 8B is intended for artists and designers, who wish to develop on a professional and personal level. As an artist-in-residence you will be part of a cosy local community and a creative network.

We offer three residency programs within ceramic and textile: a program for design and crafts, a program for fine arts and a program for public art. To each of the programs there is connected professional networks as galleries and mediators of crafts, and as a resident you´ll have the opportunity to get a few hours of coaching from a professional mentor.

As a resident of 8B you will get a private room, a workshop space that you can organise and access to lovely communal areas. As an artist-in-residence you have the opportunity to add your own personal touch to the workshop, and we will happily help you to obtain further equipment, machines and materials. You are also welcome to organise seminars in the house during your stay, in return for an agreed upon payment to 8B.

It is possible to apply for a stay in The Art Collective 8B for a period of 2-12 months.