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Niels Huang

Niels Huang was born in China in 1943 and is trained as an electrical engineer and a ceramic artist. His great passion is a perfect mix of his background: Extruded ceramics. He constantly develops new methods of production, using his home-built extruder and accompanying specialised collection of forming nozzles. He currently has more than a hundred different ones, which he also designs, develops and manufactures.
Niels works with both crafts and sculptures, is a member of the Danske Kunsthåndværkere og Designere, the Art Group “Den Bevægede Kuffert” and Nordsjællandske Keramikere. He is the co-founder of CLAY, Ceramics Museum Denmark, has participated in various censored exhibitions, including Charlottenborgs Spring Exhibition, Copenhagen and is represented at IRIS, International Ceramic Museum, Porvoo, Finland; Bergens Universitet, Norway; Beer Sheva, Israel; Collection of International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary; Statens Kunstfond; Kunstfond 2000 & 2006, Vestsjællands Amt; Holbæk Sygehus, Amtsgården, Roskilde Statsamt; Undervisningsministeriets Bygning, Denmark.

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