We have a ceramic studio with facilities for three artists, a textile print studie with facilities for two artists, a textile studio for sew/knit/weaving with facilities for three artists as well as a workshop for metal/wood. As we are a relatively newly established organisation, our workshops are under constant development and we are therefore very interested in hearing from you, if you think we are missing a specific turntable, a new machine or something else.

If you have any questions regarding the current equipment or if you are dreaming of new equipment, please contact us.


Ceramic Studio

Our Ceramic Studio is equipped with:

  • Private worktables

  • Shimpo floor potter’s wheel

  • Tub and zink for glazing

  • Wedging and glaze tables

  • Rohde front load, 330 L

  • Rohde toploader kiln, 65 L

  • Spray booth with compressor and assorted spray guns

  • Checkweigher scale

  • Assorted buckets, basins, racks and tables

  • It is possible to get access a 700 L ceramic kiln by appointment


Print and dyeing studio

Our Print and Dyeing Studio is equipped with:

  • Assorted worktables in different sizes

  • Heat presser for foils, transfer and dye fixation 

  • Steamer for reactive dye fixation

  • Screen Print exposure unit

  • Screen printing frames in wood and aluminum size A4-A2, squeegees

  • Washing room for screens

  • Hotplates and checkweigher scale


Sew/Knit/Weaving Studio

Our Sew/knit/Weaving Studio is equipped with:

  • Worktables

  • Back Stitch sewing machine


  • Coverlock

  • Silver Reed SK840 Electronic Knitting Machine (Standard Gauge)

  • Electric Linking Machine

  • Electric yarn winder

  • Ironing board with suction, iron and kettle

  • Countermarsch Loom (12 shafts)

  • Toika computer loom (24 shafts)

  • Warping Mill (4 m)

  • Reeds and heddles, veawing needles, nylon loop cords etc.


Wood and metal workshop

In our wood and metal workshop we have a collection of basic tools:

  • (List of equipment coming soon)