We have a current capacity of three ceramic artists who get a private room and a studio space. Our textile workspace will open September 2019. As we are a relatively newly established organisation, our workshops are under constant development and we are therefore very interested in hearing from you, if you think we are missing a specific turntable, a new machine or something else.

If you have any questions regarding the current equipment or if you are dreaming of new equipment, please contact us.


Ceramic Studio

  • Private worktable 

  • Shimpo floor potter’s wheel

  • Tub and zink for glazing

  • Wedging and glaze tables

  • Rohde front load, 330 l.

  • Rohde toploader kiln, 65 l.

  • Spray booth with compressor and assorted spray guns

  • Checkweigher scale

  • Assorted buckets, basins, racks and tables

  • It is possible to get access a 700 l ceramic kiln by appointment


Textile Studio

  • Assorted worktables in different sizes

  • Heat presser for foils, transfer and dye fixation 

  • Steamer for reactive dye fixation

  • Screen Print exposure unit

  • Screen printing frames in wood and aluminum size A4-A2, squeegees

  • Washing room for screens

  • Back Stitch sewing machine

  • Serger

  • Coverlock

  • Silver Reed SK840 Electronic Knitting Machine (Standard Gauge)

  • Electric Linking Machine

  • Electric yarn winder

  • Ironing board with suction, iron and kettle

  • Hotplates and checkweigher scale

  • Countermarsch Loom (12 shafts)

  • Toika computer loom (24 shafts)

  • Warping Mill (4 m)

  • Reeds and heddles, veawing needles, nylon loop cords etc.